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       Rachel Stamp        Republica
       Radiohead        Reveille
       Rafferty, Gerry        Rice, Chris
       Rage Against The Machine        Richards, Keith
       Raitt, Bonnie        Richman, Jonathan
       Rammstein        Right Said Fred
       Ramones        Rimes, LeAnn
       Ramsey, Willis Alan        Robinson, Smokey
       Rancid        Rockell
       Rascals, The        Rolling Stones, The
       Rasputina        Rollins Band
       Raye, Collin        Ross, Diana
       Real Blondes        Roth, David Lee
       Real McCoy        Roxette
       Recoil        Roxy Music
       Red Hot Chili Peppers        Ruff Ryders
       Red House Painters        Ruin, Julie
       Reed, Lou        Run DMC
       Reel Big Fish        Runrig
       REM        Rush
       Rembrandts, The        Rusted Root
       Remy Zero        Ruth Ruth
       REO Speedwagon        Rutles, The
       Replacements, The

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