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       Gabriel, Peter        Gomez
       Gang Of Four        Gong
       Garbage        Goo Goo Dolls
       Gas Giants        Good Charlotte
       Gathering, The        Gordon, Nina
       Gaye, Marvin        Gore, Martin
       Gaynor, Gloria        Gorilla Biscuits
       Geggy Tah        Gorky Park
       General Public        Gourds, The
       Genesis        Gowan, Lawrence
       Germano, Lisa        Graces, The
       Germs, The        Grant, Amy
       Ghost, Amanda        Grateful Dead
       Gibb, Andy        Gravity Kills
       Gibson, Debbie        Gray, David
       Gilman, Billy        Gray, Macy
       Gin Blossoms        Green, Al
       Ginuwine        Green, Keith
       Gipsy Kings        Green Day
       Glitter, Gary        Grinspoon
       Glove, The        Gryner, Emm
       Go-Go's        Guano Apes
       Go Sailor        Gun Club, The
       Gob        Guns N' Roses
       God Lives Underwater        Guthrie, Arlo
       Godsmack        Guttermouth
       Golden Smog        Guy, Buddy
       Goldfinger        GWAR

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