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       A-Ha        Amos, Tori
       A-Teens        Amps, The
       A1        Amuro, Namie
       Aaliyah        Anastacia
       ABBA        And Also The Trees
       Abbott, Gregory        Anderson, Laurie
       ABC        Andrews, Jessica
       Abdul, Paula        Angelfish
       Abel, Morten        Angelle, Lisa
       AC-DC        Anggun
       Ace Of Base        Anouk
       Acoustic Junction        Ant, Adam
       Act Fast        Anthony, Marc
       Adams, Bryan        Anti-Flag
       Adkins, Trace        Apartment 26
       Aerosmith        Apple, Fiona
       Afghan Whigs, The        April Wine
       After 7        Aqua
       Agents Of Good Roots        Arab Strap
       Aguilera, Christina        Arena
       Air        Arena, Tina
       Air Supply        Arid
       Alabama        Arlen, Harold
       Alabama 3        Armstrong, Louis
       Alan Parsons Project        Arrogant Worms, The
       Ali, Tatyana        Artificial Joy Club
       Alice Deejay        Ash
       Alice In Chains        Asia
       Alisha's Attic        Asian Dub Foundation
       All About Eve        Astley, Rick
       All Saints        Ataris, The
       Allison, Dot        ATB
       Allman Brothers Band, The        ATC
       Allure        Atomic Kitten
       Almond, Marc        Audioweb
       Alphaville        Austin, Sherrie
       Amber        Avalon
       America        Axa
       Amorosi, Vanessa        Ayers, Kevin
       Amorphis        Aznar, Pedro

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