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                         Track 1                 Born 2 Be a Soldier
                         Track 2                 Murder 2
                         Track 3                 13 Years
                         Track 4                 Unpredictable
                         Track 5                 Ain't No Limit
                         Track 6                 Ghetto Child
                         Track 7                 Did I Do It
                         Track 8                 Here We Go
                         Track 9                 We Got the Clout
                         Track 10                 Still Smokin'
                         Track 11                 U Can't Handle This
                         Track 12                 The Man Right Chea
                         Track 13                 Dick on the Track
                         Track 14                 Sleepin' With Me
                         Track 15                 It Yearns
                         Track 16                 Gangstas
                         Track 17                 Shine

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