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                                Track 1                      Turn It Up (Intro)
                                Track 2                      Case Of The Ex
                                Track 3                      Free
                                Track 4                      Pussycats
                                Track 5                      Again & Again
                                Track 6                      How You Gonna Tell Me
                                Track 7                      Grandma Says (Skit)
                                Track 8                      Takin' Me Over
                                Track 9                      The Best Of Me
                                Track 10                      Lie Detector
                                Track 11                      Fear Of Flying
                                Track 12                      Fear Of Flying (Interlude)
                                Track 13                      Now Or Never
                                Track 14                      Man In My Life
                                Track 15                      Can't Believe
                                Track 16                      That's Why I Wanna Fight
                                Track 17                      Ride & Shake
                                Track 18                      Get Over (Outro)

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