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Lyrics Submitted By: Ritalin kid
And we hide behind,
Lies, anger, Hate they shoo love away,
Build shells of ourselves outside,
It shelters body from cold reigns of reality,
Come on , Step out, of your rind, assemble strength, focus,
Release and run to me 
you can never look back to the visions from the past they fade and will in time,
You've got to just trust me to hold your hand through, 
Then I turn and walk away,
Eclipse you,
And bleed you strip you of your states of ain soph aur,
Eclipse you,
I spit up on my plate and I push everything away,
I need,
And we sever all ties,
It creates disruption midst circle of friends,
I become the sacrifice,
Spare your life and leave me to my misery,
Get off the cross, and save yourself, run away
Run now get away from me if I f can get my grip
I'll pull you down into the hell I call  my head 
You'll never get away
I sit down in my ugly place and build walls out of fragments from my past
of all the people that I needed and loved that walked away,
You've got to just trust me to hold your hand through then I'll turn and walk away
I walk under the clouds of gray,
Sphere of storms in my head,
I'm trapped again in endless rain
I divorce the thoughts of you I love with me,
I divorce your innocence and my guilt,
I divorce the lying sell out confidence,
I'm divorcing every mother fuckin' thing
I divorce the love bled meaningless,
I divorce the makeshift harmony,
I divorce the taunting acts of violence,
I divorce the pastime of jealousy,
I divorce control
I divorce the faith
I divorce the virtue
I divorce the rain
I divorce the excuse,
I divorce the greed,
I divorce the need
I divorce iniquity in this mother fuckin' bullshit life,
Just want it all to go away,
Just want to run away to die, take it, myself, my life
Text book fucking mental, off me and pitch me in a hole
I'll always be your shadow,
And veil your eyes from states of ain soph aur,
I can't be the hero anymore,
I spit up on my plate and then I turn and walk away
I spit up on my plate and I disrupt the family,
I spit up on my plate and I sever the entity,
And I feel your warm sun on my face
Eclipse you and bleed you strip you of your states of ain soph aur,
I need you
It's always been this way, I push it all away,
From me

All rights reserved by Webbed Feet Producktions. Copyright 1999-2001