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Lyrics Submitted By: Sich Bastid
Frozen moments in time,
Stopped hourglass,
They predicate, what you will know,
Dispositions lie within,
And so do we,
Don't want to run
Don't want to hide,
Renounce the prayers for inspiration,
If you dictate what I will be 
Then smash my face upon the concrete I'm weary,
I feel the stares piercing,
So sorry to soil your precious eyes,
Reflections spoon-feed you,
The bitterness and disgust that is me,
If you choose to reach out to lend to me,
I'll chew off your hand
I'm not beggin' for your fuckin' change
I'm not beggin' for your fuckin' change
I'm in touch with myself,
All alone within myself,
All one. Alone
Do what you will make it the whole of your law,
Burn down the faith that shadows life
And take a deeper look inside of what makes you
Pull down the shades internal light can be blinding
I'm not begging for your fuckin' change
I'm just begging for your change
Complacence quenched of me
Lineage is ending
I am that, once was me, rising upward, guts wrenchin
Sculpted cold, blistering, break the mold, sever me
Cut your throat, be the martyr, bitter pills, that we swallow,
Take me, chase me, swallow with me
Know, now, know, now
Inside of truth, coming to, close to me, ground consume and embraces me
Now forever
Born again,
I'm repositioning
Self inside to self non-dimensional,
Lost to being,
I've recognized the cause,
Existence to come, alive now forever
I am once was
... that is me
I am once was,
that is me
I'm broken altered vacillating force,
round square corners circles dance around we figures,
Prisoner of time I'm no more,
Insight will guide us through the majesty of nothing,
It's like I'm touched with love by angel girl,
Let bastards rot in time for all their evil,
Let bastards rot in time for all their evil,
Let bastards rot in time

All rights reserved by Webbed Feet Producktions. Copyright 1999-2001