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Lyrics Submitted By: I Hate Youz
Cop provisions feed my addictions mistakes I made then
I opened up the holes and they crawled in,
Now when it's time for the feed they crawled in,
Now when it's time for the feed they won't let me forget,
They ride upon my back and they'll fuck me with their need,,
My invisible enemies all my monkeys
Their coming they're coming their coming they're coming to take me away
Disgusted with my position so submissive I am the only way we get away is give in 
sharpen up the razors stab the needles into pipes to kill cravings
so sick of this in me can't stand the want to need 
can't get free always got a grip on me
There's no use to fight this wrenching tourniquet of deprivation 
obedience subservience leads to substance
Even if you want you can't stop
Internal primates forever

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