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Lyrics Submitted By: Suicidal Maniac (no fuckin kidding)
We swallow the spit,
Steal acceptance lend denial,
Telling me that my life is fee and boundless,
Then I'm forced to stay between the lines,
They construct death to demolish life,
Plant the seeds to harvest loss,
Found empty truth is full of lies,
We're hoping for despair,
Starvation's gluttony,
Subtle chaotic peace,
War divided unity,
Pro life, pro choice,
Blinded insight,
Left wing, right wing,
Black, white,
Leaders following
I am everything I am nothing,
Stop fuckin' with me, I'm the accused I'm not the enemy
You're so confused no way you could enlighten me,
 No freedom trapped in slavery, deceitful honesty mother fuckin' human not a machine
Lay your hands upon me,
In search for answers inviting,
Constant struggle inside me,
Guide me through this nothing that's everything
I am everything I am nothing

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