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                    Track 1                 Round Out Tha Tank
                    Track 2                 There He Go
                    Track 3                 Keep it Hype
                    Track 4                 That's the Nigga
                    Track 5                 Ghetto Fabulous
                    Track 6                 Life Ain't Cool
                    Track 7                 I'm On Fire
                    Track 8                 Whacha Want, Whacha Need
                    Track 9                 The Stick Up
                    Track 10                 I Smell Smoke
                    Track 11                 Respect My Mind
                    Track 12                 Stack Yo Chips
                    Track 13                 Dirty South, Dirty Jerz
                    Track 14                 Yaah!
                    Track 15                 Let's Go Do It
                    Track 16                 What's Your Alias?

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