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                     Track 1:

              The Kennel (Skit)

                     Track 2:

              One More Road To Cross

                     Track 3:

              Tha Professional

                     Track 4:


                     Track 5:

              Alot To Learn (Skit)

                     Track 6:

              Here We Go Again

                     Track 7:

              Party Up

                     Track 8:

              Make A Move

                     Track 9:

              What These Bitches Want

                     Track 10:

              What's My Name

                     Track 11:

              More 2 A Song

                     Track 12:

              Don't You Ever

                     Track 13:

              The Shakedown (Skit)

                     Track 14:

              D-X-L (Featuring The Lox/Drag-On)

                     Track 15:

              Comin' for Ya

                     Track 16:

              Prayer III

                     Track 17:

              Angel (Featuring Regina Bell)

                     Track 18:

             Good Girls, Bad Guys (Featuring Dyme)

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