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Lyrics Submitted By: Boogie
(Chorus 2x)
Buckle Up Boy 
Don't Give a fuck boy
Here The Guillotine
Big Ryder's With The rest of the Big Trunk boys
Leather Shit With the Big Chrome Boy
Hit 'em with flat double barrel Big strung Boy
Don't Get Caught Up with my big truck boy
Fuck Up Dog!!
Respect My Line And Keep my shit clean
Aint Gone Let The Big Buck Fall
White On Black Tinted Windows
With the big black dog
Nigga Slippin Bitches
Trying To Get Knocked Off
Its With the corna Shit
3 6 Hard
Aint No Mutha Fucka know what's on my old man log
From Yall with the paint balls Horrible Dogs 
Ten hut but I can pay for it fog fog
Somebody follin me in my rear view
and it probably them lawyers
Thinkin im slanging that powder
But I aint bout to cop no charge
That's the pt crosier Double R no job
But I aint got no time im bout to ride to the fryer
Hope they don't bring my shit back cause he aint to far
If they take my shit strait over to business for war
im talkin better you got the yak yay
I said I aint got the day
I said you strait
Yes im on my way with my shit
THAT'S what I did broke off head
show me what's up that's what I said
Hot curds front light in the streets
woody wanted every small car 5 10 east
(Chorus 2x)
Tellin a motha fucka to strata
talk on the phone drinks grada
state troopers can kiss my ass 
the rest of you Bitches gone eat my dust
Hit the city limit Lyrics start 
Yellin "that's my truck"
Pull Up the red light
trying to watch which nigga bone get back bra
Packin towla gone rollin through town
catch up with the fella
with drug deals hooka's and stella's
better watch out for car jackers 
some of the bitchs ass niggas jealous
Betta lock you tower girl 
they comin to get yo need devoloped
uptown hot be serivin like they be slappin round nigga's
them nigga got a gillatin in they navigator
on the back niggas standin dancin
Keepin this nigga on the Nextel wont even answer
some white nigga tryin to be like a snake
don't even know what's happening
(Chorus 2x)
Believe me niggas on 18 & 19
20 up tinted up piped up
tank up filled up grilled up loaded siked up
hyped up iced up polo striped up might up
they want fresh cuts they rush all like big trucks
Big house big car big dogs like big stuff 
big piano pig feet pig smoked hut hut hut
I like the to let the sun roof to let the wind blow my hair
I turned on 5th avenue boom! there them nigga's go right there
lookin at all them guns will do harm to yo eye balls
these niggas live you might not see can the side walk
showing off with some thing mystikal 
drip drop
He aught know being a dog he gone tag it
looking like he gone charge at me cut 
nigga drinkin taboscian mixed with wine
put it 1 I put em with a cat fish 
dangerous niggas having fun
holling at q we got a show in florida 
here we come
(Chorus till fade)

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