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Lyrics Submitted By: lovie
He who stands by me
Through the stormy weather 
Through good times and bad 
Always there for me 
Takes me to the water 
And quenches my thirst 
My sweet inspiration 
I wanna say
Your love is an ocean
Wide as the skies 
A comfort to me 
Time after time 
Your precious love 
Fills up my cup 
Touches my soul 
He who knows me better 
Than no man on earth 
Guides me to the mountain
Witness my rebirth 
Makes me feel so worthy
To belong to him 
I treasure my commitment 
And it's because of...
Repeat Chorus
When I think of your love
A ray of hope shines through 
And shatters the darkness I felt Erase all the doubt
And the fears that chains
And guides me to your Heavenly place Ooh
I know you'll always be there
Through thick and thin
I know I can depend on you 
Through thick and thin 
You comfort me with loving arms
Through thick and thin 
Kiss my eyes 
My eyes 
Ooh, ooh ooh 
Repeat Chorus
Sing it again, sing it again 
Repeat Chorus while:
You're a comfort, to me 
I praise you, praise you constantly 
I gave you my heart, gave you my soul
I want you to know that I love you
I give my praise to you

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