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Lyrics Submitted By: Lil Jim
There's some things on my mind 
I don't know that I should be thinkin'
Am I wastin' my time thinkin' 'bout 
You and I, and these feelings 
Cuz I see you and me holdin' hands
Doin' things, goin' further 
But they say we're too young 
And those things will come
I'm just curious 
When can I touch you?
When can I kiss you? 
I'm curious
Nothin' more than a girl
Comin' straight from the heart 
I'm just feelin' us 
Thinkin' 'bout you and me 
Thinkin' 'bout how it feels
I'm curious 
I just wanna know what
True love is, though 
I'm just feelin' us 
On the phone in my bed
On my back, starin' at the ceiling 
When I'm talkin' to you
What I feel, is it true?
I'm wondering 
Well I tell it, and I 
What I feel deep inside
It keeps burning
Does my man understand
Everything that I am 
I'm just curious 
I'm just curious 
Repeat Chorus
If I could have things my way 
We'd go pass time 
Maybe we'd do the things 
I'm thinkin' in my mind 
And all the things I want to know, I'd know 
The places we'd explore, I'd go 
But now I see us both together
Learnin' more about each other 
Repeat Chorus X2
You know boy
We both know that we have a thing for each other 
And it's natural for us to both wonder 
What it would be like
But the time is not right 
And I hope you're satisfied
Because I'm satisfied 
Just bein' curious 
I can't get you off my mind 
Repeat Chorus to fade

All rights reserved by Webbed Feet Producktions. Copyright 1999-2001