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Lyrics Submitted By: Albie
Yeah, yeah 
Yeah, yeah 
Boy, I got a crush on you 
My dad would kill me if he only knew 
Naughty things going through my mind 
When I think of you 
Boy I'm diggin' you
My dad would kill me if he only knew 
Babygirl's been puttin' it down
When he ain't around
I bend some of the rules
When it comes to you 
You make me wanna do 
(All the things that he said not to) 
I call you on the creep 
Late at night when my pop's asleep
Gotta keep in on the low 
Can't let my daddy know 
Repeat Chorus
Is this some crazy dream?
Can't stop the way I feel
When I'm alone with you 
The pressure is for real 
I'm feelin' all these ways 
I never felt before 
Come here and close the door
A kiss is what I been waiting for 
Repeat Chorus
[Rap] Keelay is, the one gettin' the busiest
Far from the silliest 
Tell me, are you feelin' this? 
Not just for little kids 
Little Women be strong enough 
We rock long enough, for real 
But the ones that been waitin' to drop 
They say "yo, shorty rock
She be makin' it hot"
You know, A.G. know 
Toy, she know 
Little Women, 2000 
You know how we go
I'll take my chances boy 
When it comes to you 
Just name the time and place
Do what I gotta do 
My heart is sayin' yes 
My mind is sayin' no 
I'll risk it all for you 
Daddy don't have to know 
Repeat Chorus

All rights reserved by Webbed Feet Producktions. Copyright 1999-2001