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Lyrics Submitted By: CieloOoO
Sittin here thinkin' about you
and all the things we used to do
I never thought that I would lose you
'cuz you were always my boo
Sittin' here wonderin' where we
wonderin' where we went wrong
'Cuz now I'm here all alone
Wishin' you would come back home
So tell me why
why, why'd you have to go away
Got me missin' you everyday 
Baby tell me why, why, why'd you have to go away
Got me missin' you everyday
Everyday I'm missin' you
I don't understand why you left
Baby what didn't I do
Wasn't I always there for you
And wasn't I good to you (good to you)
How was I to know somethin' was wrong
Baby I carried mines
All you had to do is tell me
But you kept it all inside 
So tell me why
Repeat Chorus
Girl I'll never find another (ohh, ohh)
Another one to take your place'
Cuz you were so, so good to me baby (yes you was)
And you kept a smile up on my face
And I'm on my bended knee (oh yeah)
And I'm cryin', cryin' won't you come back to me (come home)
'Cuz you mean (you mean) The world (world) To me, yeah
Repeat Chorus X2
While I was so in love with you baby Yeah yeah
But you broke my heart
Into little itty bitty pieces Yes you did
What am I supposed to do
Livin' my life with out you
My heart, my soul, my one and only true love
Chorus Fade

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